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Unicorn Dashboard

Our Marvellous Unicorn Dashboard!

See, sometimes people need to actually spend their UNICORNS. You don't need to follow the oligarchy and accumulate tons of money to be happy!

Bask in the infinity of features of our UNICORN memechain. You will be getting magical rewards in no time.

If you feel there are features missing, contact us with your insatisfaction and see it being ignored, because we at UNICORN Corp. LTDA™ don't care. Plus, UNICORNs do not follow orders.

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Claiming competition

Race of the Century

So, here we are, at the race of the century, where UNICORNS fly like rockets and crash like the BTC prices every 3 years. These communities are the top Airdrop claimers. If you are part of one, go claim your Airdrop to contribute to this race.

The communities with the highest claim rate, will get a substantial multiplier during the airdrop clawback. If you want to get way more magic internet money, spread the word and get more people from your community to claim.

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Trust our validators with your UNICORNS


Get that UNICORN balance and trust it with our very trustworthy, not at all dodgy validators. If they don't pull the rug on you, maybe you can get some magical rewards.

One-horned rewards:? UNICORN

NameStatusStaked UNICORNS
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